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Hey ANDie,

Brimah and John is a Creative Hub + Digital Solutions Agency founded off a simple goal - To bring dreams to life! Part consultancy, part community and a whole “bag of solutions”, we love big ideas.
Specialising in digital solutions and strategy, we work to encourage and support; Creatives, Brands and Businesses at all levels to achieve their digital goals.

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Who we are in three:

  1. We’re big believers in the power of and.
    To us ‘and’ signifies infinite potential, and ANDies are people who harness that potential.

  2. We love a side hustle or a new project. We’re all about developing BIG ideas.

  3. Our Mission is simple. To help our ANDies build a successful “and”.

Join us to discuss trends, develop ideas, soundboard, share resources, build together and offer support.

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Our Values

  • We want everyone to benefit from our community.
    That’s why we have open areas that are accessible to everyone even without a membership.
    For the full community experience, as well as access to closed areas and restricted features be sure to grab a membership from as little as £4.99.
  • We’re avid givers.
    We believe that “what’s meant for you will reach you, even if it’s beneath two mountains”. So we don’t hold anything back, as giving will not diminish or change what is meant for us.
  • We’re a safe space.
    Chasing your passions and making your dreams a reality can be terrifying. And the last thing anyone needs is negativity and fear-mongering. Nim, our founder believes in empowerment through self-awareness and self-acceptance, and we facilitate that by providing a supportive environment that is truly invested in your win.

That being said, welcome to the community and please do introduce yourself, we can’t wait to meet you.

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