We’re back: March 1st

Thank you everyone for your patience!

There were quite a few changes needed due to all the amazing feedback and the fresh new ideas swimming in my head following a great beta run.

I can’t lie it has been a little difficult as I couldn’t always figure out how best to move forward. However I’ll save you all the ins and outs of this as I’ll be touching on this more in the podcast.
What I will say is I’ve spent the past few weeks stuck, with everything in draft mode. Knowing what I needed to do, but unsure if it was the best thing to do - the smartest thing to do.

I’d revisit my plans and tweak them, text myself random thoughts at 4am and read articles after articles, all the way up till today, where I just kind of decided to charge on.

So that being said, March 1st we’re back in action.

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