#VideoReview | Instagram Content Strategy: Creating Content That Draws Customers to You

In this article for the Social Media Examiner Alex Tooby shares the Instagram Content Strategy for her 6-figure business.

Here are my thoughts on her strategy, spoiler alert - I don’t exactly agree. Press play and watch for my full thoughts on her strategy (or you can read the transcript below at the end of this post).

Here’s a quick summary:

A Threefold Instagram Content Strategy; which includes your caption, your imagery, and your frequency. When you do it right, it actually helps build your know, like, and trust factor.

Two main types of captions: conversion- or conversation-focused captions.

Conversion-focused captions capitalize on providing value through education which helps viewers and potential customers decide to buy from you or take the next logical step in your funnel.

A conversation-focused caption capitalizes on storytelling which evokes emotion in the viewer, leading them to either relate to what you’re saying, reply to you, or reshare your post with other people.

Alex doesn’t believe your Instagram photo has to communicate exactly what you’ve said in your caption so she’s always written her captions first. That makes it easier for her to find a photo.

With regard to the content of the image itself, she suggests images that feature a person—whether it’s a picture of you, an employee, or customers—perform best on Instagram.

What’s most important is the quality of the imagery you post. It should be crisp, clear, and properly exposed.

The Instagram algorithm favors new content. Every time you publish a new post, the Instagram algorithm thinks your old content isn’t relevant anymore. If you post at 8 AM and post again in 12 hours, the lifespan of your first post is now cut to 12 hours because the new post takes precedence over the old post.

By putting at least 48 hours between your posts, you give them a much better chance of generating more engagement and impressions over that time span. Rather than posting every single day, Alex recommends posting two or three pieces of quality content per week.

click here to read the full article.

Here’s the transcript of my video for those of you who prefer to read, enjoyy x

Hey everyone, Nimz here with a quick video on my thoughts on the following article "Instagram Content Strategy: Creating content that draws customers to you"

I do think there is quite a lot to gain from this article which I’ve linked below, so do have a read

I have also included a summary of the article, so you can have a read of that if you don’t want to read the full article.

So, let’s get into it, Alex Tooby who shares her Instagram Content Strategy, is the owner of a solo media consultancy, she helps clients plan their posts and improve their overall social media presence. She describes herself as an online business strategist, serial entrepreneur and self-proclaimed cat lady.

Her Instagram strategy is a three-fold process aimed to build and create a trust factor. And one way she does this is by focussing on her copy, in the article she explains that with Instagram, your captions help you sell whatever it is you’re promoting.

Alex uses a caption first approach when creating Instagram content, she decides her message first and then selects an image to support it.

and this part of her strategy is what I want us to discuss today,

Here are my thoughts on strategy, let me know what you guys think and if you’ll be employing her method as well?

  • Instagram is an image-led platform so it can be a bit of a risk to prioritise copy over imagery. I did feel like her Instagram grid was less appealing, but maybe I had critical eyes bias lol.
  • A copy led strategy assumes you have an engaged audience that will stop to read your copy.
  • Potential followers see a grid first on Instagram, not your copy - keep the writing to Twitter.
  • The images I saw had her drinking tea, going on holiday, images at a glance which would not tell me she’s a strategist, I wouldn’t even think that she’s using her account to teach me anything.

That aside, she does give some really good advice on making sure that your copy sells which I think is pertinent.

  1. Begin with a strong headline,
  2. deliver on the value within your main copy and
  3. close with a call to action

Have a read of the article and let’s talk in the comments below, do you agree with Alex’s approach to Instagram? Will you be trying it out yourself?

Well I like her strategy of posting just 2-3 times a week. Focus more on quality than quantity & less stress on posting content every day. However, I do feel the image is just as important as the caption on Instagram. I even then think video is taking more precedence.

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Yup! I think she makes a lot of good points, and according to her it works. But like you said, imagery is important, especially for Instagram.

Yes video is definitely taking up more space

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Just another point. I also think if you’re going to go with this strategy of captioned focused first, then make your images text only too. Her audience would benefit more from that than a picture of her on the beach. I’ve seen quite a few accounts like this on Instagram with a over a million followers, so it’s works.

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This is exactly it! The landscape images do very little to support the topic at hand.

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