Suggestions on how to grow the community

Hey All,

I’d love some suggestions on how to grow the community and ideas for rewards I can offer people who refer.
Please suggest as many ideas as possible,

I’ve set a target of 50 community members by end of December.

This is mainly because the community is currently in bootstrap mode and I need 50 users to unlock this.

Thank youu

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You could collaborate with online membership groups similar to yours. For example I used to be in membership group for fashion designers. She had experts from marketing, social media, photography etc…partner with her. They offered her members free consultation and between 10-20% off first year membership.

Ooo interesting! Do tell me more.
How do the partnerships work? Did you find them valuable? DDid they make her offer more appealing to you? What would you improve about her offer?

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I loved it because. she knew her customer and what they needed to grow their fashion business. So she partnered with people who would benefit them. She did make sure her partners were giving us something exclusive that they wouldn’t give anybody else outside her community. Maybe early access or a higher percentage off courses.

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Ideas for rewards: Free 30-minute consultation session, discount on one month premium subscription, discount codes on merch. (My brain is on discount mode, maybe that’s what all my ideas are limited to discounts).

How to grow the community: Podcast features x collaborations with women in other industries