(Part 3): How to be an engaging speaker and attract your audience

Heyy ANDIES, here’s the final characteristic of an attractive character, the storyline.
But first, if you’ve not read the other parts, catch up on them here:

Loss and redemption: Loss and redemption stories are very powerful because they show the upside of going through hardship or meeting challenges.
Us versus them: You want to use us-versus-them stories to polarize your audience. Who do you define as the “us” in your audience (people that do the types of things they need to be successful with what you are selling) versus the “them” (those who don’t comply with what you need them to do)?
Before and after: These are stories of transformation, and they work great in any market.
Amazing discovery: Every day on your journey to help serve your dream customer, you should be discovering new things that can help them on their journey.
Secret-telling: What secrets do you know or have heard from other people that you can share with your audience?
Third-person testimonial: Sharing other people’s successes with your products and services provides powerful social proof.

I love a third person testimonial!
No-one sells something better than someone you trust, I can’t count how many things I’ve bought, used or tried just because someone I know told me to.

My three go-to storylines are testimonials, amazing discovery and secret-telling. I just love passing on information. This whole 3 part series is as good as an example as ever. It’s literally screaming secret telling and amazing discovery. I’m sure as you read you’re also gravitating to the ones best suited to you.

So now that we’re all done, let me know your complete character below in the comments. I’m very very curious to know.

I’ve only posted excerpts from the book, I highly recommend you purchase the book for the full chapter and more.

Russell Brunson’s “Dotcom Secrets”
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