(Part 2): How to be an engaging speaker and attract your audience

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Continuing on from the last post, here are the 4 identities of an attractive character.

The Leader: The identity of the leader is usually assumed by people whose goal is to lead their audiences from one place to another…Usually the desired result has already been achieved by the leader, and their audience has come looking for help along that same path.
The Adventurer: The adventurer is usually someone who is very curious, but they don’t always have all the answers, so they set out on a journey to discover the ultimate truth…instead of leading their audience on a journey to find the result, they are more likely to bring back the answers to give them.
The Reporter: This identity is often one that people use when they have not yet blazed a trail to share with an audience, but they have a desire to. So they put on the hat of the reporter or evangelist and go out to discover the truth.
The Reluctant Hero: This is the humble hero who doesn’t really want the spotlight or any fuss made over their discoveries, but they know the information or the secrets they have are so important that they must overcome their shyness and share them with the world.
Leader, adventurer, reporter, or reluctant hero: you probably identify strongly with one of these four archetypes. Determine which type is a good fit and build out your Attractive Character using the traits for that identity.

Personally, I believe I gravitate more towards “The Adventurer” as I like to figure things out first before coming back to report my results. I’m always curious and trying to solve problems. I believe I sway between the adventurer and the reluctant hero, as I’m aware I don’t know it all and I’m always eager to learn, but I also insist on sharing what I learn and discover because I believe the people have to know.

As you can see, combining this with the learnings from the last post, I’ve already started to flesh out my narrative and a purpose to my story. The elements provide structure to my story and are my tools for storytelling - the how. The identities give me the why and coming up next the storyline, which will give me the what.

Why am I sharing this story?
How will I share this story?
What story will I tell?

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I’m definitely The Leader, as there’s been a definitive journey I’ve gone on that I aim to support other women on. Even as The Leader, it’s vital to always impart the truth that I haven’t arrived at a final destination; instead, I’m supporting them from a lower station to a higher one and I’m continuing in the journey from this more grounded station to an elevated one .


Right now, I am the reporter and that’s not necessarily a bad thing since I am still figuring things out.

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