(Part 1): How to be an engaging speaker and attract your audience

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I thought it’d be good to share some of the things I’ve been bookmarking as I read through Russell Brunson’s “Dotcom Secrets”. Starting with the profile of an “Attractive Character”.

Attractive Characters have a backstory and share it often: People won’t care about any of the success you’ve had, and they won’t follow you or your advice until they know that you’ve been where they are now.
Attractive Characters speak in parables: The best teachers in the world teach in parables.
Attractive Characters share their character flaws: This next element is one that most people really struggle with sharing, but it’s one of the most important ones to share because it makes you relatable and real.
Attractive Characters harness the power of polarity: Another challenge people face when communicating with an audience is trying not to offend anyone. So instead of being a relatable person, speakers become bland and stay neutral on many topics, only sharing safe things everyone will love… Instead, Attractive Characters are typically very polarizing. They share their opinions on hard matters, and they stick to their guns—no matter how many people disagree with them.

These 4 areas are the elements of an Attractive Character. Before we go on, I recommend trying to build out your message around these 4 areas.

In my opinion your backstory doesn’t always lead to success, but it’s more your starting point. It’s also one of the first things I ask in a session, what is your why?
People can learn more about you from hearing where you’re coming from rather than where you’re going.

For me parables are powerful because it allowed me to contextualise my concepts and stories. They also create more points of relatability along your journey. If for example I experienced severe racism and decided to become an anti-racism ambassador, it’s not enough for me to tell you racism is bad, or to even tell you about my backstory. I need to share with you the different ways I experience it, so you can contextualise my experience. Especially when talking to people from different backgrounds.

Character flaws have always been key parts of my messaging. I’m very vocal on my beliefs around last minute change and empowerment gurus with no real action points. It’s important to identify where you lack, accept it and come up with solutions to counter it. It’s really not everyday “GRL PWR” quotes and “Boss Moves” sometimes “Lazy girls rule”. Also most people root for the underdog, people love an overcomer, they love a good ole just-like-me to champion.

And as for polarity, if you come from the say it with your chest school of thought, then this is a no-brainier. You don’t need to or should want to please everyone. The path your on is your own path, so walk it with full conviction. If it’s your truth speak it.

That’s all for now ANDies. Comment below your attractive character elements and any other thoughts you may have.

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Just ordered this book!

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I’m still speechless from reading this, so I’ll take my time to process it and come back to it. Love it!

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Deffo!! I immediately put pen to paper and started writing my own character, the first time I read this.


This is such an insightful read. Everyone on the digital space keeps shouting about “storytelling” and “storyselling”. This post put a lot of sense behind those buzz words. This breakdown provides an insight on what the real tea is.

Thanks for sharing as always.

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Yes! This is such a problem.

There’s always a what and never a how in some spaces and its difficult to know what to learn if you don’t know how to learn it.

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