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Salam I am getting ready to launch my sewing course. I would love some ideas on marketing. So just a little background. It’s a mini course on how to make sleeveless dress using a commercial pattern. And it’s going to be part of bigger series on curating/making your own modest wardrobe. I would some ideas on marketing this appropriately, how could I work with influencers in field to build awareness? Any other ideas will be appreciated. Thank you

Wa alaikum salaam. Not sure whether it’s our place to advise (@nim please put me in my place if it’s not!), do you currently have an email list for your audience? That’s the first thing that came to mind. And then I thought : Who is your audience? Where are they usually and how do you reach them? And then I thought, why do your people neeeed your course? Knowing this, you can tap into it to craft content around that.

Basically, I have more questions than answers. :sweat_smile:

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Yup, this category is for group questions and discussions. I’ve purposely not responded yet as I’d like for everyone to contribute and share their ideas.

I agree with the questions you’ve posed. Who are you talking to? I’d go further and ask what content will you be using to reach out to them? What ideas for direct and indirect marketing do you have?

You know me, put everything in one place (a deck) and make sure you can connect the dots. Outline your many buyer journeys, so from touch point to check out, what path will a potential customer take. At every point in the journey where they may potentially drop out/lose interest, what’s in place to retarget them?

We also have @hameedah in the community who is an influencer that works with brands. Maybe she can share some insights into the process and her experience.

What does a great brand proposal look like to you Hameedah?

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Thank you! Yes I have email list and customer profile all done. I also know who I want to target and where my audience hangout. Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube are my top 3

Thank you! Direct & indirect marketing ideas are Facebook ads with promo video, blog post and social media post around styling, Pinterest ads just to name a few. My questions is more to do with working with influencers who are not necessarily sewing bloggers, but a percentage of their audience is interests in learning how to sew. Just trying to find different ways of reaching my customer.

I think you could look at fashion influencers who are also heavy on coaching and have a target audience of people who would be interested in taking such courses. Ideally someone who knows about fashion but also good at telling people how to use their time, shares valuable resources or gives advice on skills to acquire.


Thank you! This sounds great, I have a few in mind. So would I just pitch them the course and get them to talk about it to their audience?

Exactly. You can even pitch them taking the course and have them share the process with their audience just to show the value you’re offering. Find out through polls and engagements how many of their audience would be interested in taking the course as well. Offer them a discount code for booking through the influencer so they know they’re getting something off. It’s also a good way to track the amount of people signing up through their influence.


Yes this would be even better if they could take the course too! Also love the idea of tracking audience interest. Thank you!


Something that’s always at the back of my mind is that no one wants to just buy another course, but they do want what the course will give them.

What would you say that is for your course, @maymunah?

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Interesting point I will give that some thought. Thank you

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You’re welcome, @maymunah. :heart:

I’ll give you an example. I have a pre-Ramadan course I teach every year, and there are loads of these sort of courses, right? But I know that I’m not selling a pre-Ramadan course, I’m selling freedom from the shame of feeling like a failure in the blessed month; liberation from dreaded checklists the length of your arm; and the ability to deeply connect with yourself and your Creator in Ramadan regardless of your level of religiosity and faith… amongst other things.

These are what my clients are buying, and so when I’m talking about the course, this is what I focus on.

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Like @hameedah suggested, your best bet would be influencers who provide resources (for instance, an influencer with in-depth knowledge of the fashion terms, garment structure, and whatnot). They may not be in the DIY or sewing niche, but they understanding if what makes a good design/garment means that a handful of their audience would be interested in sewing.

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