How to Start a Business from Scratch: 24 Steps to Becoming Operational

Starting a business is one of the best things you can do to build wealth.

It can be daunting. But with the right systems, it can be made easy.

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Heyy all, this post had me by the neck lol! Quite a few steps I’ve missed or not prioritized. Guess who quickly set up a Xero account for their accounting lol?

QR codes over business cards though. I’d say get a QR sticker and stick to the back of your phone, have it store all your social links so whoever scans it goes straight to your social media account.

I wonder if there’s a code to write that has people automatically follow you on all your accounts just be scanning the QR code. Either way less bits to carry.

Here’s the bullet point summary:

  1. Put together a very high level and basic business plan
  2. Come up with a name
  3. Buy your domain name
  4. Secure social media accounts
  5. Develop a brand identity
  6. Set up a G Suite account
  7. Create a basic, foundational website
  8. Get some business cards
  9. Find an accountant and an attorney
  10. Set up an LLC
  11. Get an EIN
  12. Create an operating agreement
  13. File necessary paperwork with your state
  14. Open a business bank account
  15. Set up a payroll service for employees and contractors
  16. Set up QuickBooks
  17. Put a basic accounting system in place
  18. Start using a project management solution from day one
  19. Build an internal wiki system from day one
  20. Set up a Slack account
  21. Set up a conference call number
  22. Set up 1Password
  23. Create a subscription tracker
  24. Create a strategic plan for the next 12 months

~ end ~

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Love that idea of QR Code. Do people still use business cards though lol

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Also if you have G suit is there any point in setting up a Wiki?

Omg yes!!! This is something I’ve learnt from this post and after I read it I immediately set up a confluence account.

One of the challenges we started to face in my day job was the inability to keep track of docs. As you grow and you have more and more moving parts it’s just not that easy to pull up documents. Especially when there maybe multiple versions, out of date copies, several people working across a project.

I’m not fully set up on confluence yet, but just from my play around I’ll be moving my strategies, brand guidelines and other official documents there.

They even have really good templates. So as you build your business and set rules for operation it’s a good place to put them. Kind of like a central system where everyone can refer to for how things work.

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