How to raise your freelance prices

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Heyy All,

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Here’s the bullet point summary:

  • Be a master of your craft
  • Be talked about but don’t serve everyone
  • Deliver value, always
  • New clients don’t know what you charge your current clients

So how do you raise your freelance prices?
First, make sure that you are truly a master of your craft and deserve the price you are asking for, because you can provide that value.
Second, be visible and known as a trusted place to go so that your network (who is your net worth) refers people your way.
Third, deliver value always. Give give give, because it comes back.
And finally, remember that your prospects don’t know what you charge your current clients and that pricing therefore is not static. Slowly raise it so that you can discover your price ceiling, if you ever get there.


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Found this super helpful! Sometimes, as freelancers, we might be tempted to serve everybody to get to the money. That’s never a good idea. Meanwhile, some just stay on one rate and never know how to scale. This strategy makes so much sense. Thanks for sharing as always.

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