How To Become A Thought Leader In Your Industry

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I found this article on thought leadership on Hubspot and thought to share. Some of us seek to use thought leadership as a marketing tactic for our businesses. Basically, with thought leadership, you want to position your brand or business as the expert in your industry. You want people to come to you for answers to their burning questions within your niche.

Well, if you’re wondering how to go about this without looking like a phony, this article has six strategies to try. I’ll summarize them here but you can read the full thing right here:

  1. Learn Your Audience Like The Back Of Your Hand
    Well, this is where your buyer persona comes in. You have to know who you’re talking to and understand their challenges at different stages of life. Don’t stop at collecting data, though. For instance, if your user subscribed to your platform, they’ve progressed to a new stage and you’d have to speak to them differently. Knowing their specific problems will position you as a leader.

  2. Be social
    Stay on social media and stay on top of trends and happenings. Communicate with your audience and community as much as you can. Can’t be a leader if you’re not speaking to people and listening to them.

  3. Spread Your Content Across Multiple Platforms
    Remember in primary school where the Head Girl had more power than a class captain? The class captain is only powerful in his little classroom of 20 kids. The Head Girl controls the whole school. The class captain’s influence is limited to one social platform that could be larger if he looked at the bigger picture (LOL, the teachers also played a part, but stay with me, sis). Leadership in the marketing world means reaching out to your audience wherever they are.

  4. Analyse the competition:
    Don’t get carried away while doing this, though. Study your competition to observe their strategies and what they’re missing out. You can learn a lot from studying those in the same field as you.

  5. Serve Valuable Content
    Ok, I’ve gotten really sick of the term ‘valuable content’ on social media but there’s something. here. Think about the YouTubers, authors, coaches, and experts you study. What they have in common is their confidence and knowledge of whatever topics they’re speaking on. All things being equal, they serve only useful content that you want to apply in your business and life. Case in point, this article. Somehow, you want to try these tips because it is valuable, smart, and applicable to your business.

  6. Last one, keep it real
    This one goes without saying. People can see through your efforts. In my opinion, read like mad, apply, and then lead your audience to the promised land.

Read the full thing here: The Content Marketer's Guide to Thought Leadership


I definitely relate with the “sick of valuable content” sentiment lol.

I feel it’s because everyone is saying they offer value rather than showing they’re valuable.

Thanks for sharing :cherry_blossom:

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Exactly. In fact, showing value goes beyond the surface. Creating “value” has its own strategy that no one talks about.

Thanks for sharing this Maryam. I’m currently trying to position myself as a thought leader and this is really helpful for me. I also think when it comes to offering value, its mostly about the delivery. I’ve been in situations where I offered value but my delivery wasn’t clear and it made it hard to attract my ideal audience.

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