"Here is what your idea is worth."

Thought this was a great read on the true value of ideas, and why without the relevant work an idea is worth zero

“I’m sharing this because every month I take the time to hear 3-5 “big ideas” from people who think that if I hear about their magical “precious” I will be astonished and be dying to help them build it and get rich.
“If you want to help me with this I’ll cut you in on it” they say.
Get the fuck outta here! You think I don’t have 10 precious ideas of my own that I lack the conviction or time to execute - but at least have done the nominal vetting to have a belief in? Come on man!
In most cases the “inventor” ends up disappointed with my feedback, and while I realize I could be better at how I give it, there are some consistent themes that reflect a broad misunderstanding of how ideas translate into generational wealth.
I hope this is helpful and please do not take it personally.”

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NOT one single cap was found in the entire article. Ideas are great but worthless without execution and a solid plan. Also, this post reminded me of IG coaches who blindly tell their clients to “beat the Instagram algorithm” by creating on every single tool on the platform. They get paid to tell you what to do on the app, even if your product/idea will never sell on the app.

Insightful read! Thanks for sharing as always.

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