Bio templates to help tell your brand story

I got my hands on this great resource from Hubspot, it’s filled with several templates to help you put together a great bio.

Here’s the bullet summary and a few examples:

  1. Don’t limit yourself to one bio.
  2. Explain how you got to where you are.
  3. Give away something personal.
  4. Ask a coworker or manager for input.
  5. Don’t start from scratch.
  6. Focus on action verbs.


  1. With an extensive background in ____, I am an expert on ____ and ____. This work led me to my current role at [Company] where I am responsible for ____, ____, and ____. Some of my current projects include ____ and ____.

  2. My name is [NAME] and I’m a [Job Title] at [Company] based in [Location]. By day, you can find me ____, ____, or ____. By night, I’m typically ____ or ____. Follow along on Twitter: @YourHandleHere.

  3. [NAME] began his/her career with [COMPANY], gaining unparalleled experience in the ____ space, while also establishing himself/herself as a respected ____. Currently working as a [JOB TITLE] for [COMPANY], [NAME] is widely known for his/her ____, ____, and ____ expertise. While his/her speaking engagements have taken him/her around the world, [NAME] is proud to call [LOCATION] home.

  4. From ____ and ____ to ____ and ____, I’ve developed a deep understanding of ____ over my [Number] years in the ____ industry.
    As a ____ professional, I take pride in ____ and thrive on ____. I enjoy working in a ____ environment, as it allows me to ____, ____, and ____.
    Currently, I work as a [Job Title] at [Company], where I am focused on ____ and ____. During my time at [Company], I have helped the [Your Department] team ____ and ____, while maintaining ____ and ____.

Click here to get your hands on a copy.



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Hubspot has the best free resources! Found this very helpful.

I noticed that several use ‘I’ instead of 3rd person pronouns. Is there more of a learning towards that for our bios, @Nim. Or is it a matter of where it’ll be displayed?