Anyone using a funnel builder?

Hey hey all,

Anyone currently using a funnel building software? Any recommendations?

Anyone not know what a funnel is and would like to learn more? Read on:

In short: a funnel is the journey you take a potential buyer on from the moment they first discover your existence to the moment they buy.
Every step in that journey is a funnel.


What marketers and sales people want is to have control over that journey by ensuring there is a system in place prime and ready to capture any drop offs in the process.

So an ideal customer would discover you, click a product and buy. But customers don’t work that way, they want to think on it, save money, compare and look for a better offer. So there’s a lot of drop off between discovery and purchase.

If 100 people discover you, only 1 might buy. That would be a 99% drop off rate.

Funnels work to reduce that number.

So back to my question :laughing:, anyone using funnel building software to create their funnels? Any recommendations? Pros? Cons?