Allowing companies to repost content for free

Salam sisters,
I have been receiving a few messages like the one above a lot lately. I have read the terms and conditions listed above, which includes them being able to use the content however and whenever they please. I told myself a while back that I wouldn’t allow companies to repost my content without being paid for it. Content is so hard and time consuming to make. The amount of work that goes into one post is a lot, which I am sure you are all aware of. However, they’re some who believe you would have to work for free without pay in the beginning. What are your thoughts on this issue?? How would you handle this and would you let them repost it? Thanks

The cheek of these people, absolutely not! If they were to run an ad with your work and make millions off it would you still be okay to give it to them for free?

I’m shocked at the audacity lol. They fully plan to use your content to make money, this is practically slave labour.

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Lol yes exactly! thank you have just hardened my position.

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