9 Things to Do Before You Send Online Surveys

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Y'all know I love a feedback form, I'm always yapping on about the importance of clarifying your positioning. Here's a post with some tips on putting together an online survey.

I've included the main points below, however, I strongly urge you to read the full article.

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1. Define your goal.
- Why are you doing this survey?
- What do you hope to learn more about?
- Who is your target audience?
-How will you use this data help improve your business?
2. Identify your audience. - Who is my target audience?
- Do I have more than one demographic I need to send this survey to in order to get the information I need?
3. Plan your survey questions with precision.
- Avoid ambiguous questions
- Avoid leading questions
- Avoid leading questions
- Avoid loaded questions
- Avoid absolutes
- Avoid double-barreled questions
- Write close-ended questions
4. Select a template and customize with your own branding.
5. Optimize for mobile.
6. Test your survey.
7. Test your Salesforce survey mappings.
8. Set up your email campaign and test your workflow/trigger.
9. Send your survey at the most optimal time.

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